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Osteopath for baby London

BabyPhysio is based in London and the leading physiotherapy & osteopathy practice specialising in paediatric treatments.


All our physiotherapists and osteopaths have extensive training in paediatrics and are very passionate about treating babies. Every single one of our paediatric approaches of treatment is gentle and our therapists are trained with the latest techniques available.


We work alongside the best paediatricians and doctors in London and will always communicate with your child’s practitioner for the best possible outcome.

Our mission is to bring to our patient the best and most efficient French physiotherapy & osteopathy techniques available. Our treatments prevent as much as possible the use of medicines, antibiotics or surgery.

We offer treatment in a variety of settings including home visit, school, nurseries or at our clinic located in Belgravia.


If you are unsure if your baby has a condition that needs to be treated, we offer full baby check up where we assess your baby from head to toe to ensure an early detection of health problems.


Our physiotherapists and osteopaths speak fluent English and French.


We specialise in baby physiotherapy and osteopathy, treating

- Orthopaedics: feet deformation, flat head, stiff neck & torticollis or hip dysplasia.
- Neurology: walking delay, neuro- motor delays, cerebral palsy
- Respiratory: using baby chest physiotherapy.

Chest physiotherapy is currently the most efficient treatment for babies with bronchiolitis and respiratory conditions as bronchitis, chest infection, flu, cold, asthma, allergy, and cystic fibrosis.
- Digestive issue: reflux, colic
- Sleeping issues
We also provide baby massage and baby massage course for parents.


Why choose Baby physio?

- Highly trained physiotherapists and osteopaths
- We will come to you so you don’t waste your time with transportation and your baby will avoid contamination while taking public transport or by being in the waiting room with other babies. 
- You also have the choice to have your baby seen at the practice if you prefer
- We are available on short notice and are very responsive, as we know how stressful it is to worry about your baby.
- Open 7 days a week, we have a physiotherapist or an osteopath on call Saturdays and Sundays.
- We always give feedback to you and your paediatrician about our treatment for a better follow up.


For all baby products difficult to find in UK such as unidoses of physiologic serum (saline) and efficient baby nasal vacuum, Visit our E-SHOP


Light Centre Belgravia
7-9 Eccleston St
London SW1W 9LX


We are available on short notice for EMERGENCY PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS


We are covered by health Insurance companies and recognised by Bupa Uk and Axa ppp

For home visit or practice physiotherapy & Osteopathy treatment in London 0207 125 0262 / 0782 455 3765

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Full paediatric baby check up


Osteopath for baby London

For the untrained eye, there might be signs that your child has some developmental problems, which remains unseen at an early age. If the issues are still on going as the child grows older, it will get more difficult to treat and will affect the child’s quality of life. So an early diagnostic through assessment is primordial.


At baby Physio, we offer a total baby check up where our physiotherapist or osteopath specialised in paediatric will check your baby to detect any underlying issue.







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Baby Physio E-Shop



An efficient baby nasal aspirator (vacuum) is not easy to find in London neither are single doses of physiologic serum (saline). That is why we decided to open a specialised baby

E-shop with products from France for every mother to have access to the best products available for their babies.


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Mummy's Physio Women's Health Physiotherapy & Osteopathy


Mummy's Physio is a London physiotherapy and osteopathy practice specialising in pelvic floor rehabilitation and in the follow up of mothers during and after pregnancy. We are treating pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, swollen legs and feet, abdominal weakness and we help you to get back into shape. For the convenience of mothers we offer home visits in the whole area of London and two practice location, one in Belgravia near Victoria station and one in Moorgate in the heart of the city of London.


We founded this practice with the idea that every mother should have a pleasant pregnancy by avoiding the physical inconvenience related to it and that the consequences of giving birth should be minimised as much as possible. Therefore we determined the main symptoms and consequences that pregnancy can bring and designed a specific treatment in order to relieve them.

We also treat women who did not have children but suffer from incontinence, prolapse, loss of sexual sensation and pelvic pain due to age or any other causes.


We offer:

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Pelvic floor dysfunction rehabilitation

Pelvic pain

Ante & post natal class

Abdominal reconditioning

Back pain treatment

Manual lymphatic drainage (swollen feet and legs)

Fitness sessions with our fitness coach


We are covered by health Insurance companies and recognised by Bupa Uk and Axa ppp

For information about Mummy's Physio: Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

0207 125 0262 / 0782 455 3765

Or visit:

London Home Visit Physiotherapy & Osteopathy


London Home Visit Physio is a private physiotherapy and osteopathy practice committed to a high quality service and care for all adult orthopaedics. We provide home visits all over London and two practice location, one in Belgravia near Victoria station and one in Moorgate in the heart of the city of London..

London Home Visit Physio mission is to help our patients achieve optimal health and physical wellbeing. As physical specialists, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care. We always strive to achieve the best possible physical therapy outcomes. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries, pain, sport injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, comfort massages & lymphatic drainage. We also offer one to one fitness sessions.



We are covered by health Insurance companies and recognised by Bupa Uk and Axa ppp

For information on London Home Visit Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

0207 125 0262 / 0782 455 3765

Or visit:

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