Traveling with children…

Flying with baby can be very stressful especially long haul flight.

But there are a few things you can do to make sure your holidays go smoothly right from the start.

Preparation is the key, you can anticipate the needs of your family. For example, make sure you have lollipops or something for your baby to suck on for the take off.

There are several websites that child friendly hotels, find one where you actually want to stay too.

Babies are easiest in cities but older children needs to be entertained, check out guides and things to do in advance.

Check out The Londonist, Huffington Post, Olivers Travel  for ideas if you are traveling to South of France.

Elizabeth Antonia from The Littlest recommends finding open air spaces and do-it-yourself hands on types of activities such as farmers market for them to try new fruits and veg, forests for walking and adventure, sea side for running away from the waves like crazy and building sandcastles or countryside for flora and fauna exciting discoveries.

Remember, the same rules apply to little ones when it comes to traveling. Make sure they stay hydrated and keep them moving and stretching if you are flying long haul.

If you need any advice regarding your children and holidays sports or long haul flying, do not hesitate to contact one of our paediatric specialist on 02071250262