So your baby has a cold… What to do next

It is not uncommon for babies to catch a cold. It causes crying, tiredness, blocked nose, lack of appetite, sleepless nights, . It can last up to 2 weeks and will usually clear up by then. But here’s what to do to help your baby and ensure a speedy recovery.

Babies less than 3 months old have not learned how to breathe through the mouth yet so it is imperative to clean their nose. Even for older babies, cleaning noses is very helpful as it is very difficult for them for deal with expecting on their own. The best and safest way is to use a saline solution.

You will need to clean the nose several times a day as soon as it starts running, before every meal and before going to bed. This regular cleaning will allow baby to breathe better and therefore to eat and sleep better.

It will also lessen or stop any possible complications from infection.

To clean the nose, your baby’s head needs to be on one side and empty one dose of physiological serum in the top nostril, the liquid should come out of the bottom nostril with the mucus.

You can also use a nasal aspirator to suck the liquid if you prefer.

Repeat the same procedure for the other nostril by turning baby’s head on the other side.

If your baby is coughing, it might also be a sign of a blocked nose as air cannot pass through and this is making him or her cough. Again, carefully clean the nose as often as needed.

If you are unsure on how to do this or are afraid to be handling your baby the wrong way, always ask a paediatric specialist.

If you are unable to clear the mucus by yourself or if your baby is coughing a lot, you might need chest physiotherapy which is a gentle chest massage helping to get rid of the mucus or phlegm. Chest physiotherapy is designed to improve respiratory efficiency by eliminating secretions from the respiratory system.

For help and advice, do not hesitate to call one of our trained paediatric physiotherapist on 0207 125 0262.