Online Paediatric Physio consultation for physiotherapy for baby

Online Baby Physio Consultation 

If you are worried your baby needs consultation and treatment but cannot come to the clinic or receive home visits, you would be surprised by how many exercises, stretching or mobilisation can be done for your baby by following the guidance of a physiotherapist online. With meticulous assessment and personalised rehabilitation program you can do at home, physiotherapy sessions can be done via phone or video call with a specialised paediatric physio, including initial consultation and regular follow ups for advice and demonstration.

Online baby physiotherpy consultation, How does it work?

You and your baby will get in contact with your paediatric physio from their virtual therapy room via phone and video chat. During the online physio consultation, your baby will be visually and verbally assessed, and the physio will ask you all the necessary questions. If it’s an initial online physio session, the physio will take your baby’s medical history into account. If it’s an online physio follow up, they will check the evolution and what has changed since your baby was last seen.

As per an usual physio session at the clinic, your paediatric specialist will create a personalised treatment plan with home exercise program, including advice, feedback and demonstration to help you do the mobilisation, stretching and exercises correctly on your own in between virtual appointments. The physio will stay at your disposition for any questions or to redo the exercises under their supervision during regular phone or video follow ups.

With our paediatric physio guidance and program and you doing the stimulation and exercises with your baby, You will find that an online baby consultation, while being efficient, will be a sharing moment with you and your baby which will also increase the bond between you and you baby.

Online Baby consultation: which baby conditions can be treated via video?

Most of the paediatric conditions can be assessed and treated via video call –with the guidance of a paediatric specialist, you can follow and ensure your baby’s recovery for the following issues:

  • Torticollis
  • Flat head
  • Feet deformation
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Neuromotor or developmental delays
  • Late walking
  • Hip dysplasia

If you wish to learn how to relax your baby and therefore yourself with specific massage techniques or stimulate their motor skills with gentle gymnastic, your paediatric physiotherapist in London can also offer you online video classes.

What to expect from an online baby physio consultation?

Once assessment and diagnosis have been done, the therapist will provide appropriate treatment plan to go along with your baby’s needs, to start their rehabilitation or modify their current exercise plan if necessary. The treatment plan will include awareness on your baby’s condition so you are correctly informed about what is going on, feedback and exercises, stretching and mobilisation to help your baby recover smoothly and safely, all supervised by your physio and to keep doing at home in between video follow ups.

Regular online physio sessions will be scheduled to monitor the evolution of your baby’s rehabilitation and keep demonstrating the right gesture and exercises to be sure everything is done correctly. The physio will stay at your disposition and will give you all the documentation and material necessary to ensure your baby has the best recovery, as per usual physio sessions at the clinic.

If specific manual therapy is necessary, you will be able to see your paediatric specialist at the clinic or at your home when this is possible.

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Our online physio video treatments are covered by most health insurances including Bupa (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna, WPA and all other health insurances. You can book your online video session with us and be covered by your health insurance.

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