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The physio put me at ease right away, explaining the procedure and our options going forward. During the treatment, he was gentle and kind with my 2-years old daughter. The result was positive: she was able to sleep with much freer lungs and less of the sticky mucus which had made her throw up the previous few nights.”
Tanja Giscard d’Estaing – About the treatment of French president’s granddaughter


James is an excellent physiotherapist who cured both my newborn’s cough and distorted feet. His techniques are extremely efficient, and he is a very nice person, who will keep his patients accurately informed of what is going on.
Judith S.


The physiotherapist’s professionalism is a blessing and spares the mom from worrying, reading up useless internet forums and wondering whether to disturb the GP on the phone every other day!
Charlotte C.


It is reassuring to know a physiotherapist who comes on the day and who can relieve your baby from awful cough.
Juliet D.


Thank you for treating my baby for his stiff neck, he is now turning his head perfectly.
Jade P.


The technique is so efficient, I wonder why it is not more common in England. Thanks to French medicine.
Laura J.


Chest physiotherapy avoids my son to take antibiotic and from the second session he was sleeping better and me too 🙂
Elizabeth W.


I just wanted to take a moment to express what an excellent experience I had with your physiotherapist who treated my twin daughters on a number of occasions. Not only did she explain the procedure really well but also make it comfortable for me to trust her. One of my twin daughters especially suffered from reoccurring bronchiolitis and the procedure gave her much relief from severe wheezing and she was able to breathe and sleep better. This also allowed her to eat better which was another worrying aspect. The physio was not only able to come to our home the same day and within hours but also followed up to ask how my daughter was doing and progressing. She is warm and caring and a total pleasure. She is a great asset to your team at Baby Physio. I would recommend her in a heart beat – she is brilliant.”
Herdika P.


My son suffered repeatedly from bronchiolitis and chest infections during the winter. The physiotherapist helped him a lot and now he hasn’t had any infection again for months.”
Jane S, Kensington


My daughter felt very poorly with a chest infection. She couldn’t sleep and had no appetite. The physiotherapist help her breathe better, which immediately improved her sleep and eating.
Lindsay R, Fulham


My newborn son has been irritable and crying after feeding and vomiting very often. After being diagnosed with reflux, we had the osteopath visit us at home for treatment. He’s doing much better now and seems a lot happier after eating.
Elena W, West Hampstead


We struggled a lot with putting our baby to sleep and he would also wake up several times every night. After a few cranial osteopathy sessions we’re already making a lot of progress and I don’t need as much coffee in the morning!
James K, Chelsea


I was worried when I realised my son was developing a flat spot on his head because he couldn’t turn his head enough. The physio that visited us at home explained what torticollis was (I had never heard it before) and showed us some exercises we can do with him to fix it. Not only he’s moving better now but the flat spot is slowly disappearing as well.
Lydia C, Camden


Our beloved son was born with cerebral palsy and couldn’t move like other babies. It was very distressing for us and didn’t know what to do. The neuro physio has been so helpful, soft and kind. We see her on regular basis and the progress Charlie is making is remarkable. I don’t know what we would have done without her!
Tom F, Notting Hill


When my daughter didn’t crawl or walk around the same time other babies her age did, I was very worried about her development. A friend suggested to see a specialised physio who stimulated her during a few sessions and also showed us how to help her learn how to walk. She is now running around like every other child.”
Anna V, Highbury


My son started complaining that his back hurt a few months ago. He was diagnosed with scoliosis and the physiotherapist worked on his posture and helped reduce the pain. We’re very happy with the results.
Andrew P, Battersea


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