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Baby Feet Deformities Physiotherapy Treatment & Rehabilitation at Home in London or at our Practices in Belgravia Westminster SW1 or Clapham SW4 With our Physiotherapist specialised in baby club foot, pigeon toe, metatarsus adductus and positional talipes


Paediatric physiotherapists treating baby feet deformities in London

Baby feet deformities include Metatarsus adductus, baby club foot, pigeon toe, positional talipes and are a common foot condition for babies, normally seen in up to 2% of infants. The condition begins within the uterus ; as the baby grows his feet may assume a comfortable position, causing muscle retraction in one of the feet. If your baby’s feet are unusually pointed inwards or outwards, or your infant walks on his toes and you find it difficult to straighten them, or the soles of the feet look slightly bean shaped, your baby will need physiotherapy treatment.

Please note: Paediatric physiotherapy can only be booked online for our Belgravia and Clapham practices. Paediatric osteopathy can be booked in all our practices.

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

At BabyPhysio London, our paediatric Physiotherapists are specialized in the treatment of baby feet deformities and have a caring, gentle and professional manner. Each physiotherapist has been highly trained and with much experience working in both hospitals and private practices all over the world. Baby feet deformities such as club foot and pigeon toe are very responsive to physiotherapy and it is important to begin early to make sure that treatment is effective. If you have noticed your toddler walking strangely on tiptoes, with feet pointing inwards or outwards then call BabyPhysio London for treatment and advice.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

For clubfoot and baby feet deformities physiotherapy & Osteopathy treatment in London

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Baby Feet Deformity Treatments at Home in London or in our practices in Belgravia Westminster SW1 or Clapham SW4 with our paediatric physiotherapists specialised in club foot, pigeon toe, metatarsus adductus and positional talipes

At BabyPhysio London, we know that it can be difficult to come for an appointment at the practice when you have young children. For your convenience our specialized physiotherapists can visit you at home to treat your baby’s feet condition.

If you prefer to be seen at one of our London practices, we can also offer treatment for metatarsus adductus, positional talipes, pigeon foot or club toe, at any of our practices: the Light Centre Belgravia SW1 in Westminster, near Victoria station and our practice in Clapham SW4 between Clapham south and Clapham common Stations.

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What are the different Baby Feet Deformities (baby club foot, pigeon toe, metatarsus adductus, positional talipes) and how our paediatric physiotherapist treats them in London with different sets of exercises

What is baby feet Metatarsus adductus ? Baby Metatarsus adductus treatment in Londonpigeon toe

The most commonly seen abnormality in babies feet is metatarsus adductus, also known as toeing or pigeon toes, where the front part of the foot is turned inwards, and the sole of the foot may have a bean shape. During treatment our paediatric physiotherapist in London will stretch the retracted muscle in the foot, and stimulate it by tickling the reflex zones.

What is baby feet positional talipes? Baby club foot exercises treatment in London

Positional talipes is a condition where the foot points downwards and twists inwards. Our paediatric physiotherapist in London will use specific stretching techniques for babies along with muscles stimulation and massages in order to straighten the baby feet to its normal position.

What is baby feet Calcaneovalgus? Baby Calcaneovalgus exercises treatment in London

Calcaneovalgus is a baby feet deformity where the foot bends at the ankle straight upwards towards the shin. Our paediatric physiotherapist in London will use specific stretching techniques for babies along with muscle stimulation and massages in order to straighten the baby feet. After a few sessions your baby’s feet should return to normal.

More information about Baby Feet Deformities or Clubfoot ? and why exercises are important

Clubfoot is actually a common name for a whole range of foot deformities in children. It is a congenital foot condition that is usually due to irregular positioning of your babies feet in the uterus ; as the pregnancy advances, the feet assume the most comfortable position. As the vital space decreases this results in difficulty to move them in the opposite direction. This abnormality persists after delivery, because one of the muscles is retracted and the opposing muscle is stretched.

Around 1 in 3 babies in each 1000 can be born with clubfoot, and it is much more common in boys than girls. Although the condition will not cause your baby any pain, it can cause them problems later on in life, and affect their ability to walk. This is why it is important to treat the condition early with physiotherapy.

More severe baby feet deformities – talipes equinovarus.

Certain deformities such as talipes equinovarus, which can also be called club foot, are more difficult to correct as they are non-flexible and often correlate with neurological problems. This rehabilitation will involve a close cooperation between the paediatric physiotherapist and your baby’s doctor which may involve a cast and surgery, however these deformities are rare.