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Baby Reflux Treatment in London at home or at the practice: Osteopathy Treatment

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Baby reflux treatment with our osteopath in London

Our osteopath in London is specialised in the treatment of babies and mother. By using different osteopathy techniques ( visceral and cranial osteopathy), by teaching you the good routines with your baby and giving your the good advices, our osteopath can help your baby with his reflux.

A baby with reflux will often reject milk after feeding and can also cry more ofter after feeding and during the night than a baby without reflux

Baby reflux is common in babies, but is also very inconfortable for baby and can lead to inflammation of the upper airways which increase the secretion of mucus, leading to more intense cold or bronchiolitis during the winter. If the inflammation of the upper airways is important noises can be heard when baby is breathing.

Osteopathy has good result to help baby with reflux by releasing tensions or pinched nerve which are the most common causes of baby reflux.

Baby reflux treatment in London at home or at the practice

Our osteopath in London specialised in babies offers baby reflux treatment at home anywhere in London so you don’t have to take public transport with your baby. But if you prefer to come in the practice, our osteopath can treat your baby at the light centre Belgravia near Victoria station

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More Information about Baby Reflux and Baby Reflux treatment

What is baby reflux?

Baby reflux is a digestive symptom, which can appear in babies both formula-fed and breast-fed. It is a small quantity of swallowed milk mixed with stomach acid, which comes back up into baby’s food pipe or into his mouth. Reflux is a really common condition since it affects 50 % of babies during the first 3 months. Some baby reflux cannot be observe directly by the parents, but some of the signs below can give you a hint that your baby has reflux

What are the signs that baby has reflux?

Baby may have typical symptoms as:

  •  Posseting
  •  Vomiting
  •  Hiccups & cough
  •  Splutter
  •  Irritable, cries or arches his back during/after feed

What causes baby reflux?

At the entrance of the stomach you can find a ring of muscles called « valve ». This valve is a door that can open and let the milk your baby has swallowed into the stomach and can close to keep the milk in the tummy.

But during the first months, if baby’s digestive system is still immature or has been subject to tensions due to the position of the baby during the pregnancy or due to the delivery, the valve might not close properly. When baby’s tummy is full, milk and acid can come back up into the oesophagus causing discomfort.

How osteopathy and cranial osteopathy help to treat baby  reflux?

Babies who had a difficult delivery, really short or really long can be more affected by reflux. A difficult delivery, a delivery which needed the use of instruments or caesarean, can create tensions on baby’s back especially on the upper and middle back, which can disturb the digestive system. You will often observer that a baby with reflux is arched.

By doing a general check up of your baby’s body (pelvis, back/chest, head), our osteopath is able to find out any tensions that could be related with the childbirth and the underlying causes irritating the digestive system and creating reflux symptoms. By releasing the different tensions, using cranial osteopathy and general soft techniques, the osteopath is able to give back a good mobility to your baby’s body who will no longer bear muscular tensions and will be able to keep milk in his stomach, which will settle the reflux.

Article by James Turgis Chartered Physiotherapist