Baby Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Babies with Chronic / Recurrent Respiratory Conditions in London ; Paediatric Osteopathy treatment at Home or at our Practices in Belgravia Westminster SW1, Clapham SW4 near Battersea or in Moorgate EC2 near Liverpool Street. Osteopath in London helping babies with recurrent bronchiolitis, chest infection, bronchitis.

Our osteopath in London is specialised in Paediatric Recurrent Respiratory Conditions in Babies such as recurrent bronchiolitis, bronchitis & chest infection.

In general and on colder seasons, all babies come to a point where they catch chest infections such as cold, bronchiolitis, bronchitis… Which they tend to recover within 7 to 10 days. However, some babies and children are more fragile and might suffer from recurrent respiratory diseases during winter where medication and antibiotics don’t seem to help enough. Some of them can present with 2 or 3 bronchiolitis or infections in a row during winter.

This is often due to babies having restriction in the surrounding structure of their lungs, keeping circulation and drainage from being totally efficient. In that case, osteopathy is the best way to help.

At Baby Physio London, our Paediatric Osteopath provides her patients the latest cranial osteopathy treatments and rehabilitation to help your baby be protected from their recurrent chest infections, to allow them to be stronger and to keep them from catching every virus or infection they might come across. Our London osteopath will use soft and gentle techniques towards the rib area and on the soft tissues surrounding it in order to remove any restrictions the lungs might suffer from and help them get back to their full efficiency. Our Paediatric Osteopath has extensive knowledge and years of experience in helping rebalance babies who suffer from chronic chest infections.

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Paediatric Osteopathy treatments for Babies with Chronic or Repetitive Respiratory Infections in London at home or at our practices in Belgravia SW1 (Westminster), Clapham SW4 and Moorgate EC2 with our osteopath specialized in baby respiratory.

As we are aware that your child might feel more comfortable in the intimacy of your home, we offer home visit osteopathy treatments at your place in London. But if you do prefer coming to one of our practices, we also can see you at the Light Centre Belgravia (SW1) in Westminster near Victoria Station, in Clapham SW4 between Clapham South and Clapham Common Stations and in Moorgate EC2 near Monument and Liverpool Street Stations.

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More information about Baby Chronic and recurrent Respiratory infections and Osteopathy Treatments in London

What are the different chronic respiratory infections?

Chronic chest infections can mostly include:

  • Bronchitis (infection in the main airways of the lungs)
  • Bronchiolitis (lower respiratory tract infection)
  • Common cold
  • Chesty cough
  • Chest infection

In more important cases, recurrent chest infections can also include Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma. Even if osteopathy cannot cure asthma or cystic fibrosis, it can grandly help reduce the patient’s symptoms and allow him to have less crisis.

Despite the well-known weather situations, the main factors causing respiratory issues in babies are generally pulmonary immaturity (mostly due to premature birth) which increases sensitivity to breathing problems, and environmental factors such as tobacco smoke exposition or pollution for example.

What are the symptoms and risks of a Baby Chronic Respiratory Condition?

Respiratory conditions will mostly have the same signs, which includes:

  • A persistent cough
  • Thick mucus, with sometimes yellow or green colour
  • Breathing difficulties (breathlessness or rapid and shallow breathing)
  • Wheezing
  • Fever
  • A rapid heartbeat
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Feeling confused and disorientated

Even though medication and chest physiotherapy can help control and reduce the acute discomfort caused by a chest infection, the musculoskeletal part can be touched as well and is usually forgotten. If your baby is suffering from repetitive cold or other infections, they end up making considerable efforts to overcome breathing restrictions, which can actually create tension and loss of mobility, and therefore can affect the act of breathing.

During chronic colds and chest infections, the accumulation of mucus trapped in the nose, sinus, pharynx as well as in the bronchi and lungs will make your baby more sensible to microbial colonization, other infections and inflammation. This is where the combination of chest physiotherapy and osteopathy will help clean the baby’s lungs and prevent infection from occurring too often.

What are the goals of osteopathic treatment in London for baby chronic or recurrent respiratory infections?

Paediatric osteopathy can address all the signs of respiratory diseases using gentle techniques to release tension on the baby chest or even cranial osteopathy.

It will focus on relaxing baby’s body structure and releasing any tension by working on specific areas.

Osteopathy treatments for babies suffering from chronic or recurrent chest infections aim to:

  • stimulate blood circulation in order to improve the immune system and its function
  • prevent any loss of lung elasticity following the infection
  • decrease congestion with pulmonary drainage
  • reduce muscles tension
  • decrease muscle spasms and pain
  • prevent any thoracic deformities
  • improve the respiratory function of both the upper and lower respiratory tracts
  • eliminate the excess of mucus of the respiratory tracts and promote the healing process of the infection

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