Bilingualism in babies: How welcoming a French or multilingual nanny can have a positive impact on babies and children’s cognitive development.

The human brain undergoes remarkable development during the first few years of life, forming a foundation that shapes cognitive abilities. One powerful way to optimize this neurological growth is through exposing babies to a second language. In this article, French Nanny London delves into the intricate workings of the infant brain and explores the benefits of bilingualism, with a special emphasis on the role of a French nanny in this linguistic journey.

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What is The Bright Futures programme?

Dr Margarita Burmester and Dr Martin Gray, co-founders of the Bright Futures programme, believe that children’s wellbeing can significantly benefit from regular check-ups, even during stages of good health. This takes place in the form of routine screening to observe all aspects of their health. Learn about this programme, how it can benefit your child and what to expect should you bring them to a well-clinic.

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How to Recognise Baby Torticollis? How can I know if my baby has baby stiff neck?

You may ask yourself or notice from looking at your infant that since birth your baby prefers to only look to one side with their head tilted either to the left or to the right. You may have already visited your child’s paediatrician to see what the matter could be. Once the paediatrician has looked over the baby and the head tilt, they would confirm that the baby has Torticollis.

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Online Baby Physio Consultation 

If you are worried your baby needs consultation and treatment but cannot come to the clinic or receive home visits, you would be surprised by how many exercises, stretching or mobilisation can be done for your baby by following the guidance of a physiotherapist online. With meticulous assessment and personalised rehabilitation program you can do at home, physiotherapy sessions can be done via phone or video call with a specialised paediatric physio, including initial consultation and regular follow ups for advice and demonstration.

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Birth traumas in babies: how to recognise them

Whether it goes well or encounters some complications, childbirth is always an overwhelming moment for a baby and their mom. Many common reasons can lead to what we call difficult birth and birth traumas, with mental and/or physical injuries appearing during and because of the delivery. Even if they are not necessarily major, they can end up with long-lasting effects if they are not detected nor prevented on time.

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Does my baby suffer from Brachial Plexus Injury?


Childbirth can be a tough moment for babies, especially when the use of medical tools and force has to be involved, which can sometimes result in small or big injuries called birth traumas.

The brachial plexus injury remains one of the most common birth traumas, with thousands of newborns affected each year.

But what is a brachial plexus injury exactly and what sort of consequences can result from it?

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