Chest Physiotherapy, the most natural and efficient treatment to treat babies with bronchiolitis, cold, chest infection, asthma and flu

Chest physiotherapy is recommended for bronchiolitis, cold, bronchitis, pulmonary and chest infections, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and asthma in new-borns and babies. It can also be used on children and adults of all ages.

What is baby chest physiotherapy?

Baby chest physiotherapy is a set of techniques helping babies to cough mucus and clear his lungs. Chest physiotherapy can be used on newborn and babies suffering from any respiratory illness from 1-month-old to 4 years old. Chest physiotherapy is based on techniques such as accelerated expiratory flow. Using a very gentle pressure on the thorax, the physiotherapist will help expelling the mucus of the baby’s lungs, which will improve breathing and therefore accelerate recovery. This technique is not painful and allows a drug free recovery. Chest physiotherapy is most helpful in that it prevents any worsening of the condition such as pulmonary infection or respiratory distress if performed in time.

What is bronchiolitis?

Bronchiolitis usually starts with a simple cold and a cough that leads to some respiratory distress and difficulty eating as well as sleeping. Bronchiolitis touches baby aged 1month old to 2 years old and is not serious but it has lead to an increase in hospital stay in recent years. There is no treatment for bronchiolitis other than chest physiotherapy.

Bronchiolitis is a viral infection from the virus VRS (Virus Respiratory Syncytial) which irritates the small airways. It is contagious and is transmitted through physical contact, sneezing, any contaminated objects.

Early symptoms include a runny nose followed shortly by a cough.

The first phase of the illness is called ‘the dry phase’. It presents with a dry cough and wheezing. Then comes the second phase called ‘wet’ as more mucus is secreted and the cough becomes wet. This is when daily chest physiotherapy sessions are needed.

During this period, your baby is not only weakened by the lack of appetite and sleep but also with trouble breathing caused by mucus. Chest physiotherapy allows the release of mucus ensuring clearer airways, better breathing and therefore allows baby to eat and sleep again.

Bronchiolitis is quite common but can lead to respiratory distress if not treated on time.

It lasts between 10 and 15 days but can be shortened up to 8 days only with chest physiotherapy. A mild cough will usually remain for a few days towards the end of the cycle.

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