Women’s Health treatment & Women’s Health assessment : The secret to relieve your pelvic pain, incontinence & back pain

Women and mothers are affected by a number of different health issues particular to them, and their needs and treatment are therefore quite different to those of men. Many women don’t realise that their issues aren’t unique to them and that several other women suffer from the same conditions. Studies have shown that there is also a tendency for women’s pain to be taken less seriously. As a result, they feel embarrassed to talk about their issues and don’t seek treatment that could easily solve their symptoms.

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I’m concerned that our 16 month old baby isn’t walking yet. What are the main reasons behind late walking? How should we address it?

Article written by Baby Physio for Smallish Magazine

Child development follows a milestones chart which helps us to follow the evolution and to spot if the child has any delay. But this chart shows us the development steps of an average child. It is then important to tell parents that not all children develop at the same pace and that depending on his environment a child could develop his movement faster or slower than the average.
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