Baby Sleeping Disorder Treatment

Treatment of baby sleeping disorder in London using cranial osteopathy by our London paediatric osteopath

baby sleeping disorder treatment in London

A child’s sleep varies according to his age; it is beginning to stabilize around the age of 3. Until then it is common to see sleeping disorders happening.

Symptoms of sleeping disorders are:

  • The baby or the child has difficulties in falling asleep
  • He wakes up several times a night
  • He sleeps just for a short while.
  • The baby cries a lot and it is often difficult for parents to calm him/her and make him/her fall asleep again.

Understanding the normal development of baby sleep

  • During the first few months, babies will wake up frequently for feedings. Note that breastfeeding babies tend to need more care.
  • Once the baby reaches 5 kg, it is common that the baby will sleep for more than 5/6 hours straight.
  • Finally, babies tend to sleep a little more around 5/6 months once they move to solid food.

Note that it is normal for the baby to have periods of micro awakenings between two sleep cycles with some crying, and it is better not to intervene.

Physiologically, there is also what is usually referred to as short sleepers and long sleepers. To this are added other factors such as: growth spurs, teething, illnesses and emotional relationship with parents, which can all disrupt sleep..

Sleep disorders are not only unpleasant for the baby who does not sleep or sleeps very badly but also for parents who are awake several times at night by their baby or child. Babies as well as parents then accumulate a considerable lack of sleep over the days.

Therefore, the child or baby’s sleep disorders also have an impact on parents who are tired constantly, be it at work or at home.

What role can we attribute to osteopathy in treating sleep disorders?

Physiologically, it is normal for the baby to wake up at night. However, other elements can sometimes worsen sleep disorders symptoms such as: poor head position, tensions due to falling (especially when growing) and digestive system disorders (reflux, colic). It is therefore important to investigate any underlying cause before starting treatment.

Thanks to a thorough assessment, an in depth talk with parents about routine already in place at nighttime as well as an osteopathic examination of the baby, the therapist will assess whether or not tensions in the body are disturbing sleeping patterns.

What plan of action does cranial osteopathy adopt in handling infant sleep disorders?

Cranial osteopathy, among others, will work on the neuro-vegetative system (parasympathetic) which generally soothes individuals. Then, the cranial osteopath will complete treatment with other soft manipulation techniques in order to reduce or remove any tensions in the child.

Treatment of sleep disorders baby and child in London

At baby physio, our London osteopath specializes in the treatment of babies and mothers, we offer appointments at our clinic in Belgravia near Victoria Station or at home for your convenience.With the help of cranial osteopathy, routine, advices and researching the various causes of sleep disorders, osteopathy can help your baby or toddler sleep through the night and achieve a better quality of sleep.

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