Our Physiotherapist in London Belgravia can help you getting better

This article explains how physiotherapy can help and the different techniques used.

Physiotherapy Belgravia can help you with the following

  • Reduce the amount of medication taken for injuries
  • Reduced or complete treatment of pain. These exercises strengthen your muscles and ensure there is no residual pain in joints
  • Help with chronic pain or chronic illness
  • Can reduce scarring from surgery or trauma
  • Improve joint mobility

Our physiotherapist in London Belgravia will use the following methods of treatment

  • Sport Massage: a physiotherapy sport massage involves a certain amount of pressure applied on the soft tissues of the body. Massaging the muscles relaxes the patient, increasing his blood circulation and relieving of any pain as well as lymphatic drainage.
  • Manipulation: In this type of physiotherapy, pressure is applied right on the joints of the patient. If there is some sort of stiffness or joint injury, the pressure will have a therapeutic effect.
  • Mobilization: Measured movements are used slowly to pull, push or twist the bones as well as joints to bring them back into their correct position. This type of physiotherapy tightens the tissues around different joints, improving flexibility.
  • Exercise: our physiotherapist in London offers exercises designed to improve movement and strength in a specific part of the body – these usually need to be repeated regularly for a set length of time, activities that involve moving your whole body, such as walking or swimming.

List of our physiotherapist in Belgravia, London

  • Baby Physio
  • Mummy’s Physio
  • London Home Visit Physiotherapy
  • Excellence Physiotherapy

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