Paediatric Physiotherapy Kentish Town NW5

Paediatric Physiotherapy Kentish Town NW5 at Home, Domiciliary Physiotherapist for Babies in Kentish Town NW5: (Baby feet, clubfoot, torticollis, flat head, neurology, baby developmental and walking delays) (Tube Station: Kentish Town, Kentish Town West)

Paediatric Physiotherapist in Kentish Town NW5 at home, Home Visit Physiotherapy for Babies in Kentish Town NW5

Baby physiotherapy treatments are available at your home in the Kentish Town NW5 area. Appointments can be made at short notice. We use the safest & most efficient rehabilitation techniques which are performed by specialised paediatric physiotherapists with years of experience in baby treatments.


To book an appointment with our paediatric physiotherapist in Kentish Town NW5 at Home

0207 125 0262 / 0782 455 3765

Our treatments are covered by health insurances and we are AXA, PPP and BUPA recognised: For AXA PPP and BUPA UK, you will need a specific authorisation number for a Home Visit or travel fees will apply.

Opening time Baby Physiotherapy in Kentish Town NW5 at home

Treatment is available from Monday to Friday but Paediatric physiotherapists are also available on Saturdays and some Sundays in Kentish Town NW5. We can arrange sessions for your baby in the evening or the weekends depending on the availability of our physiotherapist, as well as Emergency physiotherapy treatment.

If you prefer to visit us at the clinic for your appointment, we have 3 practices in London

  • Monument near Monument, Bank and London Bridge Stations: Light Centre, 36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU
  • Belgravia near Victoria Station, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square: Light Centre, 9 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX
  • Clapham near Clapham common Station, Battersea and Balham: Make Me Feel Pharmacy, 25 Abbeville Rd, London SW4 9LA

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists in Kentish Town NW5 are highly qualified in Baby Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Our highly qualified Physiotherapists have been trained at some of the most prominent physiotherapy universities and gained experience in a wide range of baby physiotherapy disciplines: from respiratory physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy to developmental & walking delay. They can also treat a number of orthopaedic disorders in infants (baby torticollis, club foot, flat head syndrome, hip dysplasia, feet deformities). Furthermore our physiotherapists have acquired postgraduate training in paediatric physiotherapy and have been treating infants in private practices, hospitals and rehabilitation centres for many years.

Baby Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in Kentish Town NW5 at Home

The following paediatric Physiotherapy rehabilitation & treatments are available at home in the Kentish Town NW5 area.

We also offer Women’s Health Physiotherapy, postnatal and pregnancy physiotherapy in Kentish Town NW5 (pelvic floor rehabilitation, incontinence, lymphatic drainage, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy)

As Well as Msk and sport physiotherapy in Kentish Town NW5 (back pain , elderly care and walk, shoulder, knee, neurology…) for more information about our physiotherapist in Ketinsh town : click here

Click HERE for a full list of services

Baby and Child rehabilitation in Kentish Town NW5 at Home

Initially our paediatric physiotherapist will start by performing an assessment of your baby, followed by a tailor made physiotherapy rehabilitation program specific for them. During the session you will be able to ask our paediatric physiotherapist any questions you may have regarding your baby’s treatment and he will demonstrate exercises to perform between sessions.

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