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What is baby constipation? How to treat baby Constipation? How to massage my baby’s tummy? London paediatric physiotherapist and osteopath

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What is baby constipation?

Babies change a lot during their growth and development.
One of the major changes is when babies wean off breast milk to go on formula.  Formula is harder to digest than breast milk and therefore causes constipation. Your baby might also get dehydrated and this cause constipation too. When baby was on breast milk, he or she could get as much as wanted and needed. Once on bottles, feeding schedule is different and it is easier for baby to get dehydrated.

The digestive system of your baby will also need to adjust to those changes, depending on the baby, the normal function of the digestive system can take more or less time to adapt.

Then once baby is on solid foods, bowel patterns will once again change. Changes can be anything from very frequent bowel movements to as little as once every couple of days.

Constipation in babies is distressing for both parents and child.

Look for signs such as your baby not wanting to eat, retching a little, and baby crying before doing a poo or a tummy that is hard to the touch.

How to treat baby constipation?
There is different way of treating baby constipation.
First, what can you do to help? Move your baby’s legs in a gentle circular motion; this will help movement along the intestine.
Make sure you are using the correct ratio when using formula and give baby plenty water in between feeds to keep baby hydrated.
Massaging baby’s tummy is very helpful to get rid of constipation but it is important to learn massaging through a professional because every move must be done in a certain way. A simple mistake could have the opposite effect.
Massaging your baby is very soothing for both baby and parents as well as being a great bonding experience.

At Baby Physio, we are offering baby massage done by professionals who will do the first two or three massages and then will teach you how to be able to do it by yourself.

For recurring digestive issues, our osteopaths can assess your baby.

Osteopathy for paediatrics problems will help restore balance within the body from any traumas that might have occurred during birth etc.

Constipation is nothing to worry about; it is part of your baby’s growth. In time, bowel movements will settle and get regular.

article by James Turgis Chartered Physiotherapy

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