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What is baby colic?

Colic is a digestive symptom, which describes a colon pain. Colic usually appears in new-borns from week two or three and up to six months old. The reason behind babies’ colic is mainly that their digestive system is not fully mature yet and need to further develop. Another reason is the tensions in the digestive system due to the delivery. Parents can usually tell if babies have colic because of the strenuous and incessant crying. Babies will also have their legs pulled up to the stomach and have a bloated stomach. Babies will be agitated during sleep and crying occurs mostly after eating and in the evening.

How to recognise that your baby has colic:

Your baby may have several symptoms, which are listed below:

  • Gassy tummy
  • Cries more than 3 hours/day and more than 3times/week
  • Baby is agitated
  • Baby is arched
  • Face is red

How can osteopathy help for colic?

If the obstetrician had to use forceps, ventouse or spatula to deliver the baby, the consequences on the baby’s body might be more or less important. Even for a normal delivery, an important pressure is put on the baby’s head and body, which can lead to general tensions on his digestive system.

The osteopath is able to find out the tensions related to childbirth, which irritates the digestive system and creates colic symptoms. By releasing the different tensions, using cranial osteopathy or visceral techniques and general soft techniques, the osteopath will give back a good mobility to the body and digestives organs which will settle the colic

Osteopathy is very efficient on baby’s digestive issues, if you need more information you can call us and our osteopath will answer any questions you might have.

article by James Turgis Chartered Physiotherapy

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