Baby Massage

Baby massage in London, Our physiotherapist offers baby massage & baby massage course in London at Home or in our practice in Belgravia


Baby Physio offers baby massages with our paediatric physiotherapist. By massaging your baby, our physiotherapist will help him or her to overcome, stress, digestive, and sleeping issues. But baby massage can also be done on a healthy baby for the only reason to make him happy and to make him feel good as you would do for you when you go for a relaxing massage.

We offer Baby Massage at home in London or in our practice in Belgravia near Victoria station.

Baby Massage course in London

We also offer a 4-lessons program ideal to teach moms (or dads) how to safely massage their babies without touching the vulnerable points of the body and to massage in the correct direction following the blood flow, the lymphatic system or the bowel movement. The therapist will teach you the basis of baby anatomy as well as how to provide an effective and enjoyable massage.

Why should you massage your baby?

Baby massage, as simple as it is, has many virtues for the baby as well as for the mother. It has therapeutic and psychological benefits.
The baby massage, to be efficient, has to be done in a specific way in order not to touch sensible points of the baby’s body nor to go against the body fluid circulation.

Our baby massage in London is efficient against

Our baby massage in London allows to

  • Improve baby blood circulation
  • Improve the elimination of toxins from baby lymphatic system
  • Stimulate growth
  • Ease baby breathing

Other benefits of our baby massage in London

Baby massage is also a great technique to stimulate babies neuro-motor sensations and help discover the tactile sensations. Baby massage will help baby to growth and to develop his movement faster and in better conditions. This is efficient for all babies but especially for those with motor development problems.

Psychological virtues of baby massage

Baby massage builds a strong connection between the mother (or dad ) and the baby. The contact of the mother’s hand on the baby’s skin makes him feel loved and relaxed. It increases the bonding between parents and the baby which help the baby to feel good and happy. Futhermore, some studies shows massaging actually helps fighting postpartum depression

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