Baby Torticollis, How do we treat Baby Stiff Neck & Baby Flattened Head?

baby blanketPhysiotherapy & Osteopathy Baby Torticollis treatment in London at home or at the practice in Belgravia

 Our London physiotherapists have years of experience in treating baby stiff neck. Our physiotherapist will loose the muscles in your baby’s neck using soft tissue massage, gentle stretching and will teach him to turn his head both ways through games, visual and audio stimulation. He will also show you the daily exercises in order to preserve this mobility. Usually a few sessions are sufficient.

As baby torticollis is due to tensions and retraction, we usually advise our patients to have a session with our osteopath before starting the physiotherapy rehabilitation. It will fasten and facilitate the treatment. Our osteopath and physiotherapists work as a team and will communicate together for the best outcome.

“You can know that your baby has a torticollis when you observe that your baby can’t turn his head on the left or on the right”

A baby’s head is very flexible, if your baby always sleeps on the same side, it often results in flattening that side of his head. It is known as positional plagiocephaly, more commonly called flattened head.

Our treatment on babies’ neck and head, plus the exercises will allow your baby’s head to come back to his normal shape without any pain or discomfort. But it is important to act fast, the earliest your baby is treated the easiest his head and neck will come back to normal.

We can treat your baby at home in London or at the light centre Belgravia, near Victoria station.

What is baby torticollis?

The retraction of the sternocleidomastoid muscle leads to the difficulty of turning the head from one side to another. It is easily observed, because your baby always keeps his head on one side or has a flat part on his head.

The stiff neck (or torticollis) is generally due to the position taken by the baby during the last months in uterus. Even though it is a reversible pathology, it should be taken with concern as soon as possible to prevent any discomfort and permanent skull deformity.

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