Guide to recognise Baby Neuromotor Delays

For the untrained eye, there might be signs that your child has some developmental delay, which remains unseen at an early age.

If the issue is still on going as the child grows older, it will get more difficult to treat and will affect the child’s quality of life.

So an early diagnostic through assessment is primordial.

Not all children develop at the same pace and a few might even show bigger delays in learning.

This could be due to neuro-motor delays or developmental delays.

It is important to recognise the signs at an early stage for a specialist to be able to guide them in the development.


How to recognise a delay in your baby’s development:


3 to 4 months:

  • Can’t raise his/her head while on the stomach
  • Can’t catch and shake objects at hand reach

4 to 7 months:

  • Can’t support his/her head well
  • Can’t roll over in either direction
  • Can’t sit without help

8 to 12 months:

  • Can’t sit down still
  • Can’t Crawl
  • Can’t walk without holding on to objects


If you are worried or suspect your child might suffer from neuromotor delay, you can contact one of our paediatric physiotherapists to assess him or her and to start a rehabilitation program.

If you are still not sure if your baby needs treatment, Baby Physio now offers a “ Complete Baby Check Up” where one of our specially trained chartered physiotherapist will check your baby from head to toe.

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